Municipal Property Has Collected Rs 150 Crores In Tax Collection

Vasai, 19th October 2022: Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation has laid more emphasis on property tax collection. In this current financial year, the property tax recovery phase of Rs 150 crores has been completed so far. Vasai Virar area has more than nine lakh small and big industrial estates, restaurants, buildings, flats, and other properties. The municipality gets income from this property tax.




This year, the municipality has set a target of Rs 500 crore for property tax collection. The property tax collection department of the municipality has worked hard to fulfil this objective.




Various measures are being taken to increase property tax revenue. Ward-wise planning of property tax collection has been planned for the employees. Accordingly, the issuance of tax notices to property owners, tax payment camps, administration’s door-to-door activities, a search of properties, as well as sealing of properties of taxpayers who have not paid tax for years is also going on rapidly. Therefore, the rate of tax collection has also increased in the current financial year. Last year, the recovery of 150 crores was completed in January of the financial year. The municipality has informed that this year the municipality has collected property tax of Rs 150 crores in October of the current financial year. This year more emphasis is being laid on property tax collection. Actions have been initiated against tax defaulters for expeditious recovery of tax.




Property owners are not coming forward to pay taxes despite giving notices for the past few years. The municipality has completed the survey of such outstanding properties. About 17,124 property owners are in arrears. Notices have been issued to 7,978 properties. The municipality has stated that 881 properties have been sealed so far. Seven crores tax has been recovered as some property owners are coming forward to pay tax as soon as the action has started. The same action which was started in January has been started by the municipality in the months of September-October. Deputy Commissioner Sameer Bhumkar has said that this campaign will continue till the end of March.