Compassion in Action: Thane’s Naupada Police Station Launches ‘Police Dada’s Wall of Humanity’

Thane City: In a heartening display of humanity amid law enforcement duties, the Naupada Police Station in Thane City has inaugurated the “Police Dada’s Wall of Humanity” initiative, following the directive of Thane Police Commissioner Ashutosh Dumbre. This initiative, prominently showcased on a banner at the police station, has captured the attention of citizens and is receiving positive responses, highlighting the compassionate side of law enforcement.

Recognizing the dual role of the police in maintaining law and order while embodying compassion, Thane Police Commissioner Ashutosh Dumbre mandated the implementation of the “Police Dada’s Humanity Wall.” The Naupada Police Station embraced this concept, with the banner prominently stating, “Give it if you have it, take it if you don’t have it.” Three designated baskets, categorized for men, women, and children, facilitate efficient donation.

Residents of Thane are invited to contribute household items, including old clothes, utensils, toys, and books, into the designated baskets. The categorization ensures a streamlined donation process, guaranteeing that items reach their intended recipients. Visitors or residents in need can freely access items from the baskets, fostering a sense of community support.

The initiative has garnered positive responses from citizens, who appreciate the police’s commitment to both enforcing the law and fostering community well-being. Women Assistant Commissioner of Police, Priya Dhakne, recently visited the Naupada Police Station, expressing her approval and support for the initiative.

Under the leadership of Thane Police Commissioner Ashutosh Dumbre and the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police Ganesh Gawde, along with Assistant Commissioner of Police Priya Dhakne, the “Police Dada’s Wall of Humanity” initiative is poised to make a positive impact on community welfare.

The “Police Dada’s Wall of Humanity” initiative by the Naupada Police Station serves as a testament to the humane face of law enforcement. This initiative not only bridges the gap between police and the community but also exemplifies the department’s commitment to social responsibility beyond its traditional role of maintaining law and order.