Corona Is On The Rise, Be Careful During Festive Season: Appeal From Municipal Administration

Mumbai, 19th October 2022: A new subtype of corona infection has been found. The Mumbai Municipal Corporation has appealed to the citizens to take precautionary measures against the infection, given the large number of gatherings and events during festivals like Diwali. According to the Maharashtra government report, new subtypes of the Omicron virus have been detected. These new subtypes are more infectious than the old Omicron subtypes.




Considering the increased number of corona patients in the second week of October 2022 and the upcoming festive season, citizens need to take extra precautions. A large number of citizens gather during the festival period. Even in enclosed and poorly ventilated spaces, including events, celebrations, gatherings, gatherings, and fairs, there is a possibility of neglecting Covid safe behaviour after citizens gather.




Citizens who have not yet received the Covid preventive vaccine should get vaccinated. A booster dose of the vaccine may help boost immunity against the virus if the immune system is weak or compromised. Keep the house well-ventilated, as closed rooms help spread the virus. Close contact with symptomatic patients should be avoided. Wash your hands frequently. Use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing. Masks must be worn in crowded places to prevent the spread of infection.




It is very important to get tested for covid as soon as symptoms appear. While waiting for the results of the covid test, keep yourself away from others as a precaution so that the chain of transmission is broken and others are not infected.