Deputy Commissioners Transferred To Mumbai Again In 3 Months

Mumbai, 19th October 2022: Deputy Commissioners have been transferred once again to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Joint Commissioner Vijay Balamwar has once again been entrusted with the responsibility of the central procurement department. Harshad Kale, Deputy Commissioner of the Central Purchase Department, has been assigned the charge of Circle V, which is part of Chembur, Govandi. He was transferred during Ganeshotsav. These two officers were transferred again within three months.

After the transfer of power in the state, multiple Deputy Commissioners were transferred to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Some transfers were immediately cancelled after that. This session of transfers was stopped once again after criticism from all levels regarding the affairs of the municipal administration.

Now, once again, the transfer session has started. Last week, Deputy Commissioner Sangeeta Hassanale handed over the charge of the solid waste department to Deputy Commissioner Chanda Jadhav. Earlier, the commissioner had changed the decision taken twice and transferred these two women officers. Not even eight days have passed since this incident, and three Deputy Commissioners have been transferred once again.

Vijay Balamwar was earlier assigned the charge of circle four which is part of Andheri, Jogeshwari West. That responsibility has been removed and handed over to Deputy Commissioner Vishwas Shankarwar. Balamwar has been entrusted with other responsibilities such as Central Purchase Account Coordinating Officer of PM Self Fund and Liaison Officer of Backward Class Cell. While the charge of Chembur Govandi from Shankarwar has been handed over to Deputy Commissioner Harshad Kale.