Decision to Provide Increased Relief to the Heavy Rains Victims in Maharashtra as per 2019 Rates

Mumbai, 27 August 2021: The heavy rains victims in the state will be given Increased relief as per 2019 rates.  The decision taken by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray will bring relief to the flood victims.

Heavy rains in the state in July 2021 have caused damage to the area of about four and a half lakh hectares.  The State Government has consistently pursued the Central Government to increase the compensation amount.  However, the Central Government has not yet increased the   compensation rates after 2015.  Therefore the state government has decided to provide help to the disaster victims at a higher rate than the Central Government’s rate.  The compensation amount to be given according to  this decision will be the same as the rate paid for the 2019 floods.  This will bring relief to the flood victims.