Dr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Gujarat and Members of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) visit Dholera Industrial City ongoing projects

Mumbai, 11 July 2021: ACS, Industries & Mines Dept., Govt. of Gujarat, Dr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta, on his visit today at Dholera, along with the members of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, interacted briefly with the officials at Dholera and reviewed the infrastructural development and various ongoing projects in India’s largest greenfield smart city.

Shri Hareet Shukla, IAS. Managing Director, Dholera Industrial City Development Ltd (DICDL) demonstrated the role of Dholera which will be significant in benefitting the potential business, creating a host of investment opportunities in the upcoming global integrated multi-modal logistics hub of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor. The discussion with the Hon’ble ACS highlighted the growth trajectory of the greenfield Industrial smart city’s operational efficiency and various initiatives implemented to promote Ease of Doing Business and adoption of technology to improve the efficiency and quality of business at Dholera.

During the visit, Additional Chief Secretary, Dr. Rajeev Kumar Gupta, IAS, said, “The development of a greenfield industrial smart city at Dholera is an urban development vision to improve business and investments being sustainable and innovative. The city’s holistic approach in the use of ICTs, the efficiency of urban operation, and the utilization & integration of new technologies is key to the creation of a truly industrial smart city that will meet the needs of present and future businesses.”

On his visit to Dholera, the Hon’ble ACS briefly interacted with the industry members of the GCCI, State Bank of India, Torrent Power, and Tata Power and emphasized the smart city’s self-sustaining and automated eco-system, where its economic growth will be driven by industrialization, utility, logistics infrastructure and social infrastructure including education, healthcare, and other public amenities.

Commenting of the delegates and leadership visit at Dholera, Shri Hareet Shukla, IAS. Managing Director, Dholera Industrial City Development Ltd (DICDL) “We are thankful to the Hon’ble ACS for his peerless industry insights and anticipate to learn and discuss the growth vision of Dholera. We would also like to thank all the industry leaders and delegates from the GCCI and look forward to associating ourselves and adding extensive value to the potential business.”

On Dholera’s world-class infrastructure and multimodal connectivity, Shri Natubhai Patel, President, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, observed “Dholera with its dedicated freight corridors, ports, international airport, and six lane expressways will make business and investments sustainable, efficient, economical and convenient. With the development of upcoming logistics Parks and Mega Industrial Parks at Dholera, it is an excellent choice for national and global companies looking to expand in the Indian market. Dholera has already become a key location for massive investment hub and is on course to become one of the finest greenfield industrial smart cities.”

Shri Hemant Shah, Sr. Vice President, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said “Dholera with its renewable, resistant & smart energy is industry ready, making it favourable for business. Its technological innovation will positively impact economic growth that contributes to urban development, making the city more livable and responsive. Furthermore, with its sustainable and resilient futuristic infrastructure, Dholera has huge investment potential for manufacturing and heavy industries”

Dholera, with its robust infrastructure, has already become a key location for massive business as well as urban development as the region is envisioned to be a building block of global Gujarat.