Entry-Exit Option At Educational Institutions In Maharashtra To Be Implemented From Next Academic Year

Mumbai, 2nd December 2022: There will now be flexibility in the structure of the degree to be obtained after completing the course for a certain number of years after admission. Students who leave the course in any year will get a certificate according to the skills they have acquired. The implementation of this provision in the National Education Policy (NEP) will start in the coming academic year. 231 institutions in Maharashtra have adopted this new structure.


In the current structure, students achieving educational milestones such as certificates, diplomas, and degrees have to give a fixed period for each stage. However, if students have to drop out of the course at any stage while pursuing a degree, the education acquired by the students will not be wasted. According to the skills imparted to the students, they can get credit and a corresponding certificate. Accordingly, the student can also get employment opportunities.


The National Education Policy allows for dropping out of a course or enrolling in a course at any stage. This provision of the policy will come into effect in the state from this academic year (June 2023). 231 educational institutions of 12 universities in the state have approved this new structure. Higher and Technical Education Minister Chandrakant Patil informed the media about this on Thursday.


At present, the fees for vocational courses in the state are regulated by an autonomous authority. However, complaints are constantly received from the students regarding the fees fixed by the authority. However, now ten per cent of the organizations whose fees have been approved by the Fee Regulatory Authority will be audited by an independent body. Along with this, there will be a review regarding the fee charged by the autonomous colleges and its regulation, said Patil.


The proposal to regulate the fees of the universities is under consideration by the government, and the proposal in this regard is going to be presented in the cabinet meeting in the next few days. The University Grants Commission has suggested setting up a mechanism at the state level to fix the fees of deemed universities.