Fire Breaks Out At Godown In Girgaon, Vehicles Parked Nearby Burnt

Mumbai, 27th October 2022: A massive fire broke out at a godown that had been closed for many years at the head of Urankar Wadi in the Mugbhat area of Girgaon in south Mumbai around midnight on Wednesday. The warehouse was gutted in this fire. Also, seven four-wheelers and eight two-wheelers standing on the road near the godown were burnt. The firemen brought the fire under control at around 3 pm. Meanwhile, it is predicted that the warehouse caught fire due to firecrackers.


A godown on Mugbhat Urankarwadi in Girgaon suddenly caught fire around 12.10 pm on Wednesday. In this godown, there was a stock of combustible materials such as resin, foam, plastic, bamboo, wood, and others. So, the fire took on a monstrous form in a moment. The entire warehouse was engulfed in flames. The adjacent three-story building was also engulfed in flames.


The residents of this building were safely moved to a safe place. Seven four-wheelers and eight two-wheelers parked on the road near the warehouse were gutted in the fire.


On hearing the report of the fire, the fire brigade personnel rushed to the spot. One end of the godown was in the direction of Urankar Wadi, while the other end was at the end of Shenve Wadi. The narrow road in Shenve Wadi and two-way vertical vehicles hindered the fire brigade vehicles from reaching the spot. But after Shiv Sainiks and residents cleared the road, the fire brigade reached the spot. The fire was burning moment by moment. The firemen brought the fire under control at around 3:00 pm. There was no loss of life in this accident. However, the fire department informed that there has been a huge financial loss.


Possibly, the fire was caused by firecrackers. The fire broke out due to combustible materials in the godown. A resident sustained minor injuries while towing away the burning vehicles. Some Shiv Sainiks and residents moved a few vehicles in time. A major loss was thus avoided. But the fire brigade did not have a floodlight. Due to this, there were obstacles in firefighting at night, informed the residents.