Passengers Angry As Local Runs Late For Three Consecutive Days

Kalyan, 27th October 2022: During the last three to four days of the Diwali festival, commuters have been hit by delayed local trains. Although the Central Railway is expected to keep local services running smoothly during the festive season, on Thursday morning local services from Mumbai to Karjat and Kasara were disrupted due to some technical problem between Ambernath-Badlapur railway stations.


There was a rush of passengers on the platforms of Kalyan-Dombivli, Diva, Kalwa, and Thane railway stations going from Kalyan to Mumbai. Locals are running half an hour late, passengers said. Locals of Western Railway run on strict timings. As Thursday is the first day of office work after Diwali, everyone has been in a hurry to reach work on time. Passengers are angry as they are not able to reach the office on time due to the delay of the local train. Despite this information, two days ago, the Central Railway caused problems for the passengers by leaving the local on Monday as per the Sunday schedule. Passengers said that many locals are cancelled if they are left as per the Sunday schedule.


Locals have been running late on the Central Railway route since Monday.


On Monday morning, there was some technical problem on the railway line near Ambernath railway station. It has affected the local service. Initially, local trains were running half an hour late. Passengers said that the locals arrived 15 minutes after the fault was rectified. The passengers are demanding that the Central Railway should take the initiative to leave the local area in time as there is no water in the railway line as the rains have stopped now. The railway authorities were contacted to get information about the technical failure at Ambernath. There was no response from them.