Hanu Man Soars: Stellar Box Office Debut Unveiled

12th January 2024: Today, on the 12th of January, theaters have witnessed a bustling day with the simultaneous release of several films, including ‘Merry Christmas,’ ‘Captain Miller,’ ‘Guntur Karam,’ and ‘Hanu Man.’ Particularly creating a fervor among fans is the Telugu superhero film ‘Hanu Man,’ starring actor Teja Sajja. The film’s strong impact on the box office is evident due to the positive response it has garnered. Let’s delve into the first-day business figures for the Pan India film ‘Hanu Man.’

‘Hanu Man’ has swiftly carved a special place in fans’ hearts on its opening day, emphasizing its superhero theme. Twitter reviews reveal enthusiastic and positive feedback, accompanied by chants of “Jayshree Ram” echoing in theaters after Teja Sajja’s impressive performance. The initial signs suggest that ‘Hanu Man’ is set for a robust start at the box office. According to Sacknilk’s Early Trade report, ‘Hanu Man’ has raked in a substantial earning of approximately Rs 13 crore on its first day across all languages.

While these collection figures are preliminary estimates and may undergo adjustments, they indicate that ‘Hanu Man’ is poised to pose a significant challenge to its fellow releases in terms of earnings.

Teja Sajja’s ‘Hanu Man’ has debuted in theaters globally in 11 languages, including Telugu (original), Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, English, Marathi, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. This widespread multilingual release contributes to the film’s broad acclaim.

The noteworthy acclaim for ‘Hanu Man,’ directed by renowned South Cinema filmmaker Prashant Verma, primarily stems from the film’s impressive VFX. Fans on social media are comparing it favorably to Prabhas starrer ‘Adipurush.’ Additionally, the intricately woven storyline aligns effectively with the superhero theme, further enhancing the film’s appeal.