Top 5 Serial Killer Web Series: Gripping Crime Dramas

11th January 2024: Various genres of web series cater to diverse preferences on OTT platforms. Whether your inclination is towards romance, comedy, action, thriller, or suspense and crime, the array of choices is extensive. For enthusiasts of suspense and crime narratives, we present a curated list of the top-notch movies and series that delve into the chilling world of serial killers, promising sleepless nights. Brace yourself for the macabre tales of cruelty in these gripping web series.

Embark on a spine-chilling journey with “Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer,” a documentary recounting the horrifying exploits of a man who claimed the lives of 14 individuals. This dangerous perpetrator went to gruesome extremes, boiling the brains of some victims and dismembering others. Available on Netflix, the three-episode series, each lasting 40 minutes, unfolds in 10 languages, narrating the tales of a murderer, a cannibal, and a king.

Delve into the dark reality of the 2019 web series ‘Posham Pa,’ featuring Sayani Gupta, Ragini Khanna, and Mahie Gill in lead roles. This gripping narrative revolves around two sisters from Maharashtra who kidnapped 40 children, ultimately causing the demise of 12. Based on true events, the series can be streamed on ZEE5.

Kunal Khemu and Vijay Raj take the lead in the 2019 web series ‘Abhay,’ spanning three seasons and garnering significant audience acclaim. ‘Abhay’ unfolds the chilling tale of a murderer who justifies killings in the name of salvation and the soul. This riveting series is available for viewing on ZEE5.

“The Hunt for Veerappan,” a documentary series on Netflix, unfolds Veerappan’s life over four episodes. From his childhood to his death, the series narrates the events surrounding this notorious figure. Dive into the perplexing circumstances of Veerappan’s demise, exploring the enigma that lingers even today. This captivating web series is accessible on Zee5, comprising a total of 10 episodes.

Experience the horrifying tale of “Auto Shankar,” a web series recounting the story of Shankar, an auto driver in Chennai during the years 1985 to 1995. Transforming into a serial killer, Shankar leaves a trail of murder. Available on ZEE5, this horror story is a stark reminder that cruelty and violence know no bounds, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.