Heavy Traffic Over Both Khoptakhadi Bridges, Issue Of Citizens’ Safety On Agenda

Navi Mumbai, 17th October 2022: Due to the heavy container traffic on the Khopta Khadi bridge connecting the eastern part of Uran taluka, the problem of traffic congestion is being created on both bridges. The daily commuters, especially the students, are suffering due to this. Due to the traffic of container trailers with more weight than the capacity on both these bridges, the security problem of both Khopta bridges has arisen. While the commuters and students stuck in the traffic jam have been shocked. However, the citizens here are demanding to take measures for such problems.




In Uran taluka, big industries have started in line with JNPT. Many CFS, MT container yards, and godowns have been established. CFS and godowns are also being constructed in the eastern part of Uran. Among them, Trans India, Continental, Ameya Logistics, New Trans India, Virgo, and Globicon are located in Bandhpada and Koproli Gram Panchayat limits. All Cargo, Kanrwan main, and small godowns are constructed in the MT yard. From this container yard, a large number of goods being imported and exported from JNPT port and other ports are passing through Khopta Bridge at night.




The construction of the Khopta bridge connecting the eastern section with Uran cities was done by the then Chief Minister of the state, R. Antule. According to the Public Works Department, vehicles of 20-30 ton capacity along with passenger vehicles can travel over that Khopta (old) bridge with the connivance of the police station, traffic police, and RTO officers running rampant. Due to the shortage of officials, the number of heavy vehicles of 60 to 80 tons capacity is continuously increasing on the Khopta bridge and causing traffic congestion problems.




As the yard owners do not provide parking facilities for the trailers coming to load the goods, the trailer drivers are happy to park their cars on the Khopta Bridge and on the road itself. As a result, barely two cars can pass on a single road. As the road is narrow, there is no space left for vehicles to pass, and because of reckless driving, accidents are caused due to traffic congestion. Social activist Manohar Mhatre has demanded that the concerned administration should take concrete measures on such traffic congestion.