Supply Of New Uniforms To Students Of Mumbai Municipal Corporation Schools

Mumbai, 18th October 2022: The uniform of children in municipal schools has been changed this year, and the supply of new uniforms has finally begun. Students have been receiving their uniforms since Monday. Brown colour uniforms will be provided for senior class children, and red colour uniforms will be given to children of the infant classes.




The uniform of municipal school students, which has been in place for the past several years, has been changed this year. The blue uniform worn for many years will be replaced by a brown uniform. A committee of 15 members has decided on this uniform. But even after half a year since the school began, the children still did not get the new uniform. Therefore, the education department is being criticized. Students go to school in their old uniforms, while some students go without uniforms. But now the uniforms have finally been prepared, and their distribution has started in phases. Children will be able to wear these uniforms only after Diwali, as the Diwali holiday will start in the next few days.




Every year, 27 educational materials are provided free of charge to the students of the municipal schools. This year, however, the municipality was criticized for not distributing the goods even though the schools had started. The education department gave cash to the students for umbrellas and notebooks, but the uniform was still not available. All the municipal schools are now known as Mumbai Public Schools. Also, apart from SSC State Board, CBSE, ICSE and International Media schools have been started by the municipality. Along with all these changes, the process of uniform change was also started by the education department.




This year, one lakh children were admitted to municipal schools, so the number of students has reached four lakhs. Supplying each student with a pair of uniforms and sports uniforms is likely to take time. The process of identifying uniform suppliers was completed by the end of July, and the work order was given in August. Rs 88,78,65,334 will be spent for four lakh students.