House-To-House Tricolour Campaign Launched In Mumbai

Mumbai, 4th August 2022: On the occasion of the Amrit Mahotsav of Indian Independence, the Municipal Commissioner, Dr. Iqbal Singh Chahal, has given a review meeting on the preparation of the Tricolour campaign from house to house. The administration of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is also making a humble request to all Mumbaikars to respect the Tricolour flag and hoist the Tricolour at their homes as per the national flag code, keeping the national flag as an indelible memory after the campaign period.




Considering Mumbai’s contribution to the freedom struggle, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation itself decided to purchase national flags for all Mumbaikars and deliver them from door to door. The entire administrative system is working vigorously for this campaign while ensuring public awareness on a large scale too.




To review the entire preparation, and also in terms of implementation, a meeting was held today (August 4, 2022) in the Commissioner’s Hall at the Municipal Corporation Headquarters under the chairmanship of Municipal Commissioner Dr. Iqbal Singh Chahal. On this occasion, Additional Municipal Commissioner Ashish Sharma, P. Velrasu, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Mumbai City Collector Mr. Rajiv Niwatkar, Joint Commissioner in Municipal Corporation Mr. Ajit Kumhar, All Circles’ Joint Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, and Heads of Accounts were present along with Milen Sawant, Sunil Dhamane, and Chandrasekhar Chore.




Dr. Chahal stated that celebrating independence is a matter of pride for the entire country. Therefore, the Municipal Corporation has set a big target for Mumbaikars to buy the national flag and have it delivered to their homes. After completing the process of national flag procurement, the flags will be supplied to all 24 divisional offices in a phased manner according to the number of fixed houses in their area of operation. All Divisional Offices should distribute the National Flag stock daily after receiving it in a manner that it can be properly and expeditiously processed. The process should also be filmed. A monitoring team should be appointed to ensure the distribution process runs smoothly.




All citizens should hoist the flag as per the National Flag Code during the door-to-door Tricolour campaign period. After the end of the campaign period, Dr. Chahal will address all the attendees.




A request for 35 lakh national flags, on behalf of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, has been made. So far, one million national tricolour flag stock has been received. All remaining stocks will be received in a phased manner over the next three days. Deputy Commissioner (Central Purchase Accounts), Ramakant Biradar, gave information on the occasion. All the other Joint Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners present also offered information about the ongoing work at their level in the meeting.