If It Rains Heavily During These 22 Days, Mumbai May Be Flooded; 72 Landslide Prone Places Identified

Mumbai, 16th May 2022: The sanitation and planning almost started with the onset of monsoons in Mumbai. Various measures are taken to prevent waterlogging in some places.

The monsoons being close in Mumbai, sanitation and planning almost started. Various measures are being taken to prevent waterlogging in various parts. However though, in many places, due to untimely completion of works, waterlogging is being. Therefore, politics heat up as well.

For this, during the review meeting of the District Disaster Management Authority at the BMC headquarters, the officials of the civic bodies and other agencies were instructed to inspect the pre-monsoon works.

In addition to sanitation, the administration has to pay attention to the tides. This year, from June to September, there are 22 days in which the sea will be flooded. So if there is torrential rain during this period, Mumbai will be flooded, that is what the experts say. There will be six days each in June, and July and five days each in August and September, according to data from the Disaster Management Cell.

“During high tide, the administration will be vigilant as torrential rains on the same day cause long-term floods in some parts of the country. We have instructed the concerned ward officials of the city to ensure that all the pre-monsoon works like drainage, road repairs, and pruning of trees are completed on time,” said a BMC official.

On the other hand, the issue of people living in landslide prone areas was also discussed at the meeting. According to officials, 72 places have been identified as landslide prone areas and 45 of them have been identified as dangerous.

According to the annual protocol, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation will start sending notices to people living in such areas asking them to go to safer places during monsoons.