Monsoon To Arrive In Mumbai Ahead Of Time, Says Meteorological Department

Mumbai, 16th May 2022: Southwest Monsoon is coming soon this year. This comes as a big relief for people facing the heat waves.

The monsoon is expected to arrive in Kerala on May 27, four days ahead of schedule this year, according to the Regional Meteorological Department. The likelihood of monsoon arriving three days early, on June 7th, has also increased in Mumbai. The southwest monsoon will begin in Kerala on May 27, according to the Meteorological Department.

The monsoon generally arrives on June 1st, but it is expected to arrive four days earlier this year. The monsoon arrives in Mumbai ten days after it begins in Kerala. The monsoon may come to Mumbai ahead of schedule on June 7, according to Mahesh Palawat, lead scientist of Sky Met, a private weather forecasting agency. The monsoon usually arrives in Mumbai by June 10.

Regional Meteorological Department Deputy Director Jayanta Sarkar said that the Meteorological Department has given monsoon forecasts for the past 15 years, from 2005 to 2021. Except for 2015, the forecast has proven to be correct in the other years. The main cause of the early monsoon, according to Mahesh Palawat, is a shift in wind direction.