In Just One Week, Water Storage In Mumbais’ Lakes Has Reached 50%; Heavy Rains Raised Water Levels, Reducing Water Scarcity Concerns To Some Extent

Mumbai, 13th July 2022: Due to heavy rains in the last few days, the water storage in the lakes supplying water to Mumbai has increased significantly and the water storage in all the seven lakes has reached 50 per cent. Therefore, the concern of water scarcity has been alleviated to some extent.


The usable water reserves of Udhrva Vaitarna, Modak Sagar, Tansa, Madhya Vaitarna, Bhatsa, Vihar and Tulshi, which supply water to Mumbai, have reached 50.32 per cent. Due to the absence of rains in June, water storage was reduced by 9 per cent. However, heavy rains in the first week of July continued in the catchment area of the lakes. As a result, the water storage in the lakes has increased in just a few days.


The administration had imposed a 10 per cent water cut in Mumbai due to the depletion of water reserves in the lakes. However, on July 7, when the water storage reached 25 per cent, the administration cancelled the water cut. Now, in just five days, the water storage in the lakes has reached 50 per cent. Water reserves have doubled in the last two years.


Mumbai is supplied with 3800 million litres of water every day. The storage capacity of these seven dams is 14 lakh 47 thousand 363 million litres. After four months of monsoon, on October 1, the water storage in the lakes is reviewed.


At this time, if all the seven lakes are filled to full capacity then the citizens of Mumbai can have a smooth water supply throughout the year. Otherwise, watershed planning has to be done.


At present, seven lakh 28 thousand million litres of water have been stored in all the seven lakes. Officials from the water engineering department said they expected the lakes to fill up in the near future.


Three-year water storage till July 12 (In million litres)

(Year- Total Storage of Water- Percentage)

2022- 7,28,286- 50.32%

2021- 2,52,323- 17.43%

2020- 3,25,110- 22.46%