Increase In TB Patients Among Kalyan Dombivli; Treatment Started For 2,870 Patients

Kalyan, 26th October 2022: The number of tuberculosis patients is increasing in the Kalyan Dombivli municipal limits. 2,083 patients are undergoing treatment in the municipal area while135 patients have died during the year. These patients are being treated under the supervision of the Kalyan Dombivli Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Treatment Department.

For the control of tuberculosis disease, the government health department supplies free medicines to the municipalities. Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Medical Department is planning to get these medicines to tuberculosis patients in time. It is regularly tracked whether the treated patients take medicine, or tablets or not. Six months’ worth of medicines are immediately given to the patients, said the Municipal Medical Officer.

Kalyan Dombivli Municipality has an independent inspection team for the eradication campaign. Searching for tuberculosis patients by going to chalis, slums, and urban areas is going on. The work of this inspection team is to conduct immediate medical tests and start treatment of suspected patients.

During the last five years, 605 tuberculosis patients have died in the Kalyan Dombivli area. Five hundred rupees are deposited every month in the bank accounts of the patients affected by tuberculosis by the central and state governments for nutrition. This amount is to be used by the patient to purchase nutrients.

303 tuberculosis patients died during the Corona pandemic of the last two years. During this period, Corona patients were given priority in every hospital. Municipalities and government systems were involved in the control of the Corona pandemic.

There were 2,170 tuberculosis patients in Kalyan Dombivli municipal limits in 2018. Out of this 1,186 patients were cured and 52 died. 3,683 patients in 2019, 1940 cured, 115 dead, 2792 patients in 2020, 3,654 cured, 169 dead, 3,383 patients in 2021, 2,670 cured, 134 dead, 2,870 patients in 2022, 3118 cured, 135 dead.

Medical Officer of the Municipality, Sameer Saravankar said, “Tuberculosis patients are being promptly treated within municipal limits. Patients cured by treatment are from the previous year’s list. Patients recovered each year are counted in the previous year’s count. The current year’s patient count figure is available after the year. Our registration, however, remains on paper. These figures include patients who are treated by private doctors. So the number seems to have increased. Many patients are cured.”