India Greens Party and Right to Recall Party: Mumbai’s Lesser-Known Lok Sabha Contenders

Mumbai, 11th May 2024: While the spotlight remains on the vigorous campaigns of major parties for the Lok Sabha elections in Mumbai, several smaller parties advocating issues such as environmental protection, the right to recall, or soldiers’ rights are striving to have their voices heard.

In the upcoming fifth phase of polls, when the Lok Sabha constituencies in Mumbai head to the voting booths, one of the lesser-known issue-based parties in contention is the India Greens Party, fielding a candidate in the North West constituency.

Established by Uttarakhand-based Suresh Nautiyal in 2019, the party operates under the tagline “towards making the country ecologically and politically green.” Candidate Sarika Dabral emphasized the party’s commitment to principles including sustainable development and women empowerment, citing her involvement in the Save Aarey movement as an environmental activist.

Dabral highlighted that she discovered the party through social media and mentioned their presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab, and Chandigarh. She noted challenges faced, including rejected nominations by the Returning Officer, particularly stringent for smaller parties compared to larger ones.

Another contender from the North West constituency is the Right to Recall Party, initiated by IIT Delhi graduate and anti-corruption activist Rahul Mehta in 2019. Party candidate Manoj Nayak, an estate agent from Goregaon, advocates for a Right to Recall law for lawmakers, ensuring accountability to constituents.

Nayak, formerly associated with the BJP, expressed disillusionment with larger parties and emphasized the grassroots approach of smaller parties despite financial constraints.

Representing the eastern suburbs from the Mumbai North East seat is the Viro Ke Vir Indian Party (VVIP), exclusively fielding former army personnel as candidates. Party founder Laljibhai Bodar underscored the party’s commitment to the welfare of soldiers, contrasting with other parties’ rhetoric.

The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Party (SVPP) from Mumbai North constituency, under investigation by the Income Tax Authorities, faces scrutiny for alleged links with hawala operators. Candidate Kamlesh Vyas was unavailable for comment on the matter.

Additionally, the Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi (MVA), distinct from the Maha Vikas Aghadi coalition, asserts its identity and objectives. Founded by advocate Annasaheb Patil in 2009, the party claims the original “MVA” designation and aims to address state issues despite limited resources.