Indian javelin thrower Manu DP is gearing up for a rigorous training regimen in South Africa as he sets his sights on the Paris 2024 Olympics

Pune, 3rd March 2024:

The accomplished athlete, known for his silver medal at the Asian Athletics Championships and commendable sixth-place finish at the World Championships last year, is poised to embark on a transformative journey.


Manu DP’s upcoming destination is the North West University High Performance Centre in Potchefstroom, South Africa, where he will undergo a comprehensive 32-day training camp starting in early March. This strategic move, sanctioned by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports’ Mission Olympic Cell (MOC), underscores Manu’s commitment to elevate his performance to Olympic standards. He is presently practicing at Army Sports Institute, Pune.


During his tenure in Potchefstroom, Manu DP will not only immerse himself in intensive training but also engage in local athletics events, enriching his competitive edge and fine-tuning his skills for the demanding season ahead.


With the Paris 2024 Olympics looming on the horizon, Manu DP’s primary objective is to meet the rigorous qualifying standards for the men’s javelin throw, set at an impressive 85.50m. His pursuit aligns with India’s fervent aspirations for Olympic glory, building upon the stellar achievements of compatriots Neeraj Chopra and Kishore Jena, who have already breached the coveted mark.


The Mission Olympic Cell’s endorsement of Manu DP’s training endeavor underscores the nation’s unwavering support for its elite athletes, providing the necessary resources and opportunities to excel on the global stage.


Manu DP’s pursuit of excellence resonates with fellow athletes, including Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra, who embarks on his own preparatory journey at the Gloria Sports Arena in Turkey.


Amidst these endeavors, the Mission Olympic Cell extends its support to Indian shooter Esha Singh, facilitating her pursuit of technical refinement at Italy’s Pardini Factory, alongside para-athletes Navdeep Singh and Pushpendra Singh, who receive approval for new javelins, symbolizing a collective commitment to sporting excellence.


As Manu DP and his counterparts embark on their respective odysseys, their unwavering dedication and resilience serve as a testament to India’s rich sporting legacy and its fervent pursuit Of Olympic glory.