Kalyan Dombivli Municipality Takes Action Against Citizens And Shopkeepers Not Following Waste Segregation Rules

Kalyan, 31st October 2022: The solid waste department has now taken an aggressive step to make the cities of Kalyan and Dombivli garbage free. Henceforth, the administration has decided to impose a fine of Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 on citizens if they do not segregate the wet and dry garbage. The same applies to shopkeepers and hawkers who throw garbage in the open.


Despite providing all kinds of facilities for waste disposal, many residents, and shopkeepers are throwing garbage in the open, not separating wet and dry waste. The shopkeepers are defying the municipal order by sneakily using plastic bags in the shops even though the use of restricted plastic bags is banned. Hawkers are throwing garbage on the road after doing business.


The administration has decided to take aggressive action against citizens, shopkeepers, and hawkers who pollute public places by littering. Solid waste department personnel are patrolling various parts of the city to keep an eye on those who throw waste in public places. This action campaign has been started under the guidance of Atul Patil, Deputy Commissioner of the Solid Waste Department.


Deputy Commissioner Patil said, “For garbage removal, the municipality has started to collect garbage at specific times in the chalis, slums, urban areas, and markets of the city. Residents and traders have to deposit wet and dry waste in this vehicle as per the schedule decided by the municipality. When such a facility is available at the doorstep, many citizens throw garbage on the streets, squares, and public places. Now it has been decided to take aggressive action against such citizens.”


The team of Assistant Commissioner Sanjay Sable and Team Leader Rajendra Salunkhe in the C Ward area of Dombivli East took punitive action against the shopkeepers who use prohibited plastic and do not keep bins in front of the shop for wet and dry waste. A fine of Rs 10,000 was collected from these shopkeepers. Assistant Commissioner Sandeep Rokde inspected 20 shops and seized plastic bags in this ward.


Atul Patil, Deputy Commissioner of the Solid Waste Department said, ”The Solid Waste Department is implementing several activities to make the Zero Waste campaign a success. Citizens and shopkeepers should cooperate with these activities and free themselves from penal action.”