Maharashtra: Financial Assistance To Govindas Who Meet Accident During Dahi Handi, Check Terms And Conditions


Mumbai, 18th August 2022: The family members of the Govindas who lose life or Govindas who are injured during the Dahi Handi celebrations would receive financial assistance through the Chief Minister’s relief fund and a scheme has been prepared for the same.




Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and deputy chief minister Devendra Fadnavis had discussed the issue during the state legislative session.




Assistance to injured and deceased Govindas


The Govindas from Govinda Squad who would die due to falling down during the Dahi Handi would be given financial assistance of Rs 10 lakh while Govindas who actually fall down from a height of Dahi Handi and damage their both eyes or both the hands or both the legs or any important organ would be paid Rs 7.50 lakh as assistance. Govindas losing one hand, one leg or one eye or one of the important organs would be given Rs. 5 lakh assistance.




This order would be effective only for this year since the decision on the insurance of Govindas participating in the Dahi Handi festival would be taken separately. The state Government is examining the scheme for paying the premium for the insurance and since the festivity is only tomorrow, time left to implement the scheme is very less which is why the decision of financial assistance is arrived at.




Terms and Conditions


Here are terms and conditions for availing financial assistance:


– Local permissions are necessary for Dahi Handi.


– Govinda squads need to abide by instructions from local police, court and administration from time to time.


-The squad needs to take every precaution about the safety of the Govindas.


-The squad members must have undergone proper training whether it is formal or informal.


-The financial assistance would not be payable if the incident takes place other than human towers or Dahi Handi itself.


-The age limit has to be adhered to by the squads and no financial assistance would be given to any Govinda below the age of 18 years.


-The accident takes place while creating the human tower or Dahi Handi.


-The organizers are supposed to take action for immediate medical help with the help of local administration.


-The organizers are required to immediately submit a report of the incident to local administration and police.