12 Govindas Admitted To Hospitals After Sustaining Injuries In Various Places In Mumbai

Mumbai, 19th August 2022: After two years, the excitement of Dahi Handi is being celebrated in Mumbai. However, during the celebration, 12 Govindas have been injured at various places since morning.
According to the reports received from various government and municipal hospitals, five people have been admitted to Nair Hospital, while, KEM, Jogeshwari Trauma, Kandivali Dr Ambedkar Hospital, each has one Govinda admitted.
Out of the 12 people admitted so far, five have been discharged after treatment while the remaining seven are admitted and are under observation.
On 18th August, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde announced, “Dahi Handi will be recognized as an official sport in the state. Pro-Dahi-Handi competitions will be introduced in the state. If any Govinda loses his life, insurance of Rs 10 lakhs will be provided and Rs 5 lakhs if they end up being partially handicapped. These Govinda’s will get reservations in jobs too.”