Maharashtra Government May Take Action Against IPS Officer Rashmi Shukla For Unauthorized Phone Tapping 

Mumbai, 25 March 2021: IPS officer Rashmi Shukla is likely to be charged for unauthorized phone tapping. Chief Secretary Sitaram Kunte had called a meeting of Home Department officials in this regard.

A report has been prepared in the case of illegal phone tapping. According to the report, Shukla is likely to be booked for unauthorized phone tapping.

Kunte was the Additional Chief Secretary of the Home Department when the phone tapping took place. Kunte had told Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray yesterday (Wednesday) that Rashmi Shukla had not sought his permission for phone tapping in the case. Kunte also told the Chief Minister that in some cases, phone tapping was allowed for one number but tapping was done for another. It is learned that a detailed report has now been prepared in this regard.

Key points of the report:

There were no transfers of IPS officers between 27 June 2020 and 1 September 2020.

Between 2 September 2020 and 28 October 2020, 154 officers were transferred. All these were done keeping in view the recommendations of the Police Establishment Board.

In July 2020, Rashmi Shukla sought permission under the Indian Telegraph Act for tapping the phone numbers of some private individuals under the pretext of security of the nation.

However, they tapped the phone using permission for a purpose other than the original purpose. An explanation was sought from Rashmi Shukla.

She met the Home Minister and the Chief Minister in person and apologized.

Also, Shukla pleaded guilty to her act. She said that her husband has died and the children’s education going on and asked for permission to withdraw her report.

No action was taken on compassionate ground after she admitted her guilt. Meanwhile, she went to central deputation.

When BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis revealed the report of Rashmi Shukla. That’s when the data in the pen drive came to light.

However, when the government received this report. There was no pen drive then.

A copy of the report leaked to the media is a copy of the office copy held by Rashmi Shukla. So it is suspected that the copy was leaked from her.

If this suspicion is proved, Shukla will be subject to severe action.

The report was leaked despite being a top-secret, whose phones were tapped. Their privacy was compromised and they were slandered for no reason.

The report submitted by Shukla to the government was immediately brought to the notice of the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister also instructed the officials to check and submit the report.

After examining Shukla’s report, it was found that there was a discrepancy between the facts of the report and the actual situation.

The report submitted to the Chief Minister states, ” 1. There is no concrete evidence, except so-called interception or CDR analysis.

2. The nature of inquiry seems to be roving. Nothing concrete has been said.

3. In the absence of precise information, launching a CID enquiry would be undesirable. It will likely lead to a witch-hunt and cause serious discontent among officers. No tangible result or salutary purpose will be achieved. As a matter of fact, as soon as such an incident was noticed, it was the duty of the Commissioner, SID and DGP to bring it to immediate notice of any of the superior authorities, including ACS (Home), CS, Hon’ble Home Minister, Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister and Hon’ble Chief Minister. It was not done to the best of my knowledge.”