Maharashtra: Over 12,000 Pedestrian Deaths Reported In Five Years; Mumbai, Thane Show Highest Number

Mumbai, 22nd August 2022: Due to appalling traffic, unsafe roads, and encroachments, the number of accidents in the state is increasing. The number of pedestrians losing their lives is alarming.




In the last five years, 12,078 pedestrians lost their lives in accidents in the state. Most of these accidents have occurred in Mumbai and Thane.


Along with the country, the roads in the state are also becoming deadly for pedestrians. Despite various measures for the safety of pedestrians, the number of deaths in road accidents has not decreased.




According to sources in the Highway Police Force, 12,078 pedestrians lost their lives in accidents in the state between 2017 and 2021. In 2017, 1,822 pedestrians died, while in 2021, 2,678 pedestrians died.




In the last five years, the maximum number of road accidents have occurred in Mumbai, in which 1,050 pedestrians have died, while 420 pedestrians have died in Thane. Statistics show that an average of 57 pedestrians per 100 fatalities were reported.




Although the roads in some places are wide, they are still unsafe to cross. Therefore, pedestrians cross the road with their lives in hand while dodging speeding vehicles. In many places, traffic jams lead to long queues of vehicles. Hence, drivers drive recklessly. Pedestrians also lose their lives due to their indiscipline. At the same time, the carelessness of pedestrians also leads to accidents.




Street shops on footpaths and vehicles parked awkwardly leave no space for pedestrians. Skywalks and subways are built in big cities to allow pedestrians to cross the road safely, but the number of people who use them is minimal.




Cause of accident:


– Encroachments on roads and footpaths


– Reckless drivers, unsafe roads


– Pedestrian negligence




Year – Number of deaths:


2017 – 1,822


2018 – 2,561


2019 – 2,849


2020 – 2,214


2021 – 2,678




City – Number of deaths:


Mumbai – 1,005


Pune – 403


Nashik – 252


Nagpur – 290