Mauritius Health Minister Commends Management Of Navi Mumbai Hospital

Navi Mumbai, 7th January 2023: The Health Minister of Mauritius, Dr. Kailash Kumar Singh Jagutpal, and his officials visited the private and government hospitals in various cities of India. They inspected the e-hospitals and AYUSH centers to learn about their functioning. He also visited and inspected the Tata and Apollo private hospitals.

He also visited the first referral hospital in Vashi of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. He expressed that the management is commendable.

During this visit, the Minister of Health of Mauritius said that the population of Mauritius is 12.7 lakhs, although the population of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation area is more than 1.5 lakhs, due to digitization and its proper use, the planning of the rush of patients in the hospital of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is well planned and praised the hospital management.

Apart from that, he especially appreciated the cleanliness of the hospital despite being so crowded.

He observed that not only the city of Navi Mumbai is clean, but the hospitals are also clean. During this visit, he also visited the blood bank, and trauma center of the hospital and gave feedback that he was inspired by the working method of the hospital. He also said that he will discuss the e-hospital system implemented in the hospital during the visit of the Prime Minister of India.