Mumbai: Western Railway Collected More Than One Crore As Fine In 2022

Mumbai, 7th January 2023: The Western Railway’s Ticket Checkers (TCs) caught nearly 13,000 people travelling without tickets in the previous year 2022, recording an average of 36 cases per day, and collected fines of over Rs 1 crore.

According to Western Railway officials, Zahid K Qureshi (Deputy Chief Ticket Inspector) has collected the highest ticket inspection fine ever in a year on the Western Railway line. In the year 2022, he collected fines of over one crore from 11,684 ticketless passengers and 1,432 irregular passengers.

Qureshi said, “My father also worked as a ticket inspector for the Western Railway. He retired as Divisional Chief Ticket Inspector (Grant Road, Mumbai Division) and worked with honesty and integrity. He also received awards from the Ministry of Railways and several General Manager and PCCM awards, which inspired me and my brothers to join the Indian Railways service as ticket inspectors.”

He said that his four brothers took the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) exam in 1995 and passed it. Three of them joined Western Railway as ticket clerks and one as an assistant baggage clerk.

According to an official of Western Railway, Zahid has been known to be a hard worker since the beginning of his career. He has received several DRM awards, PCCM and GM awards and has also received the Mumbai Central Division ‘man of the month’ award five times.