MediSage Launches its Flagship “MediSage Signature” Series

Mumbai, 8th August 2022: MediSage, an online community of doctors empowering healthcare practitioners with first-hand medical information, on Sunday, held an online interactive discussion on ‘Cardiac conduction system: Structure, function, insights, reflections…’. The event was the first part of the 12 MediSage Signature Series in collaboration with the Indian Society of Electrocardiology (ISE), a 50 year old Medical organisation formed to upskill doctors across the Country.

1500 doctors across India joined this significant online session organized by MediSage on cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and understanding electrocardiogram (ECG).

The programme was conducted by ISE experts Dr Ashish A Nabar (MD, DNB, PhD, Bd Cert Cardiologist, Consultant Cardiologist), Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai, and Jupiter Hospital, Thane; and Dr Ketan K Mehta (MD-Med, FCPS, FICP, FISE, FGSI, Consultant Physician, Cardiopulmonologist Diabetologist), Mumbai.

The MediSage event was to educate the last-mile doctors in how to build a stronger understanding of ECG reports since CVDs have now become the leading cause of deaths in India. Doctors say that a quarter of all mortality is attributable to CVDs. The Global Burden of Disease study estimates that age-standardized CVD death rate of 272 per 100,000 population in India is higher than the global average of 235 per 100,000 population.

The ECG is an important diagnostic test for patients with cardiac complaints for early diagnosis. An ECG can not only detect the simple heart rate and help monitor the essential rhythm, but also help in interpreting complex arrhythmias, myocardial infarction, and other ECG abnormalities.

 Impact of the Event

  • To increase diagnostic accuracy and improve adequate patient referral using ECG screening among general practitioners
  • Strengthen the need for better collaboration between general practitioners and cardiologists to improve cardiovascular care
  • Early detection of cardiac pathology can lead to prompt treatment; use of ECG screening in the general practitioner’s office may potentially reduce morbidity and mortality

Dr Nabar along with Dr Mehta discussed in details about cardiac conditions with the doctors who joined the MediSage online event. The discussion was followed by a question-answer session with the doctors to ensure their understanding of the subject.

After the event, both doctors— Dr. Ashish Nabar and Dr. Ketan Mehta—thanked MediSage for giving them the opportunity and the platform to share their knowledge with a wide spectrum of doctors and to teach them how to read an ECG report accurately to help in faster and more accurate diagnoses to save lives.

Talking to the media about the event, Dr. Ashish Nabar said, “MediSage is an important platform because it helps in educating doctors. This program was to educate doctors read ECGs accurately—such as ECG diagnosis of chamber enlargement/hypertrophy, acute coronary syndrome, bradycardia, bundle branch blocks and fascicular blocks and ventricular arrhythmias, among others. It also provides access to significant data for doctors. Today, there is a lot of data accessible online, such as on Twitter and other social media and websites. There are also smart devices and apps that help doctors track heartbeats which help doctors diagnose patients quickly which is important in avoiding delay in treatment and patient care and aids in preventing further complications or increased expenses for patients.”

At the event, Dr Ketan Mehta said, “The Indian Society of Electrocardiology is more about spreading knowledge and awareness about ECG and its utility in medical practice. The ISE has the expertise and a good team. But, to reach the masses, we require collaboration with an organization like MediSage which has a vast access to practitioners across the country. So, if these two join forces, we can reach a large number of medical practitioners with the expertise we have and the access that MediSage has and together we can serve society in a better way. The purpose here is spreading knowledge about the ECG.”


‘Looking at enrolling at least 15L-plus docs’

‘ECG is still the basic diagnostic tool for doctors. For GPs or CPs, decoding ECG becomes a challenge. ECG is one tool which helps doctors better diagnose and avoid preventable consequences. India has the largest number of heart failures, basically because patients aren’t diagnosed in time. So, we collaborated with the Indian Society of Electrocardiology (ISE), the only body which focuses on electrocardiography and has experts who can talk well on this. Collaboration with ISE is a milestone for MediSage in educating last-mile doctors.

MediSage was started two years ago with a modest beginning of 10,000 doctors on our platform. Today, we have almost 6 lakh doctors. We’re looking at enrolling at least 15-lakh-plus doctors in India’

—     Bhagwat Dhingra, MD & Founder, MediSage

‘Making information dissemination seamless’

Covid has done one thing beautifully for doctors. It’s made them digitally savvy from an era where they weren’t even accessing a smart phone app to a lot of doctors today doing tele-consulting and meeting their patients virtually, besides accessing platforms like ours. How we shape that journey today given that we’re on the phones of so many doctors in India is in our hands. We want to make the experience more seamless. If a doctor wants to post a case to interact with another in the US or in Australia, we plan to make sure there are fewer interventions by pre-setting content for him so that he just has to click a button to post it. In this way, a doctor—given his limited time—doesn’t spend too long on gathering information but is able to get the right information’

—      Anurag Dhingra, Co-Founder, MediSage


‘Upskilling of doctors is MediSage’s forte’

‘The pandemic made us realize a lot of doctors need a source of continuous information. The major source of information for doctors in India is pharma reps and that suddenly shut down. MediSage was born at a time when we brought all the information from across the world within India from speakers who ensured the information flow didn’t stop.

We’re trying to build technology and solution to change the entire upskilling experience of doctors so they can connect with the MediSage platform to learn the things they need the most and also collaborate with other doctors. MediSage provides events like today’s and provides news, journals and access to a lot of information—both globally and nationally—to ensure a 360-degree space for a doctor who is keen to learn’

—     Abhishek Ghosh, Co-founder & Director, Medisage

About MediSage:

MediSage is a digital engagement platform for doctors, disrupting the physical Medical Representative (MR) model through its scalable Digi-MR solution, providing customized, high impact, scientific detailing to doctors.

The medical industry has traditionally hired medical reps to engage doctors in scientific discussions around their products, therapies, and services. Physical visits by a medical rep led engagement model is struggling to stay relevant in a more digital world.

MediSage has leveraged this opportunity to become the go-to digital channel allowing doctors to access credible medical information from across 15+ specialties in one single app.Given increasing acceptance amongst doctors, companies in the medical industry are now relying on MediSage to transmit information to doctors. Not only can companies personalize their communication to individual doctors, MediSage’s solutions allow companies to drive sales by enabling 1:1 remote interaction with target doctors.

Medisage currently works with world’s leading healthcare brands, subject experts from 70 countries and doctors from 2000+ cities globally. Key customers P&G, Sun Pharma, AstraZeneca amongst 25 other bluechip clients.