Mumbai Airport successfully completes post monsoon runway maintenance work

Mumbai, 18th October 2022: In an endeavour to facilitate seamless aircraft movements and ensure passenger safety, Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) successfully completed its post monsoon runway maintenance work today. The runway work took place between 1100hrs and 1700hrs on both runways – RWY 14/32 & 09/27. After 6 hours of work, CSMIA resumed its operations as usual. This yearly practice of runway maintenance work is undertaken to enhance the operational efficiency of the airport.




Mumbai has exceeded the 400mm-rainfall mark this year, which made the inspection of the runways critical to enhance the safety of the landing and departing aircrafts. As part of its maintenance work, CSMIA undertook the installation of runway edge lights for runway 14/32, trenching work for laying underground cables for segregation of AGL (Aeronautical ground lights) near the beginning of runway 09, validation of strength of RESA (runway end safety area) on runway 09 intersection in addition to repair works for normal wear and tear. A separate team closely inspected over 5000 aeronautical lights installed, to check for wear and tear. Drain pits and chambers along the runway strip, cables critical for lighting, and navigational aids were also inspected.




Being one of the busiest airports of the country, CSMIA witnesses nearly 800 flight movements each day. Thus, to ensure operational continuity, timely check and repair work on the runways is of utmost importance to maintain its health. Specialists in engineering and airside teams inspect the runway surface for micro texture and macro texture wear and tear, and signs of distress. These are attended to in the scheduled closures of runways 09/27 and runway 14/32 at different intervals in a week.




CSMIA thanks all the agencies, stakeholders involved and passengers for their cooperation during the runway maintenance work. In the true spirit of being a gateway to goodness, CSMIA through these various contingency measures is able to provide best-in-class services and is enabling a smooth transit experience for all its passengers.