Traffic Changes In Thane From Today On Occasion Of Diwali 

Thane, 18th October 2022: On the occasion of Diwali, citizens throng the market for shopping. To avoid traffic jams during this period, Thane Traffic Police has implemented traffic changes in the Market, Courtnaka, and Station areas. These traffic changes will be in effect from 2 pm to 11 pm daily till 26th October.




As Diwali is coming in the next few days, citizens are going out in large numbers to shop. Thanekars had to face traffic jams in the market area as the traffic changes were not implemented on the last Saturday and Sunday holidays. Therefore, from today, Thane Police has implemented traffic changes in the market, Courtnaka, and station areas of the city.




The traffic changes are:


– All vehicles plying towards the market from Jambli Naka have been blocked from entering Jambli Naka. These vehicles will take a right turn at Jambli Naka from Courtnaka and proceed to their destination via Tovarnaka.




– Access to Mahajanwadi has been closed for vehicles transporting from Kharkar Ali to the market, Jambli Naka. These vehicles were travelling from Kharkar Ali to Thane Municipal Gymnasium School, N.K.T. Go to the desired place through college, court naka.




– Entry of all types of vehicles except two-wheelers from Thane Traders Shop to Jambli Naka has been closed. These vehicles will depart from Thane Traders Shop towards Mahagiri Masjid and proceed to the desired destination.




– All types of vehicles plying towards the market from Dadoji Konddev Stadium are being blocked from entering the stadium. The vehicles here will proceed from the fire office to the desired destination via Raghoba Shankar Road.




– All types of vehicles, except two-wheelers transporting to the market from Ashok Cinema and National Electronic Shop, are being closed near Attitude Shops. Vehicles will take a right turn from National Electronics Shop and proceed to the desired destination from Datta Mandir CIDCO Stop.