Mumbai Authorities Strategize Security Measures Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

Mumbai, 20th April 2024: A comprehensive review meeting took place at the Sahyadri guest house to discuss the maintenance of law and order in Mumbai city and its suburban district in light of the upcoming Lok Sabha general election.

During the session, Mumbai City Collector and District Election Officer Sanjay Yadav, along with Mumbai Suburban District Collector and District Election Officer Rajendra Kshirsagar, issued directives to pertinent officials in alignment with the Election Commission of India’s guidelines. Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Satyanarayan Chaudhary and senior officers from the Police Department were also in attendance.

The meeting covered a range of topics, including an assessment of law and order status, security deployment planning, safeguarding of strong rooms, ensuring security at polling stations, identifying sensitive polling stations, and devising communication strategies. Election inspectors appointed by the Election Commission of India for the state, Dharmendra Gangwar, and M. K. Mishra provided valuable insights during the discussion.

Emphasis was placed on increasing voter registration, particularly in densely populated areas, with the assistance of Asha workers and volunteers. Special attention was directed towards streamlining the voter registration process to facilitate swift and efficient voting. Additionally, it was suggested that polling stations be arranged in a user-friendly manner to encourage higher voter turnout.

The Election Commission of India’s initiatives to ensure the integrity of the electoral process were acknowledged, with a particular focus on combating misinformation on social media platforms. Adherence to the ban on campaigning 48 hours before polling was emphasized to prevent last-minute influence tactics. Mishra underscored the importance of fair and fearless voting, urging voters to exercise their democratic rights responsibly.