Mumbai Police Foil Prank Cab Booking for Lawrence Bishnoi’s Imaginary Transport to Salman Khan’s Home

Mumbai, 20th April 2024: A 20-year-old individual from Ghaziabad, identified as Rohit Tyagi, was apprehended for an unusual incident involving a cab booking. Tyagi made a booking under the guise of arranging transportation for someone named Lawrence Bishnoi from Galaxy Apartment, the residence of Bollywood star Salman Khan, to the Bandra Police Station. However, the cab driver, unaware of the true destination, arrived at Salman Khan’s residence, prompting the authorities to intervene.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the booking was a prank orchestrated by Tyagi. Mumbai police swiftly located and arrested him in Ghaziabad. Tyagi was then brought to Mumbai and presented before a court, which remanded him to Bandra Police custody for two days.

This occurrence unfolded in the context of heightened security concerns surrounding Salman Khan, stemming from previous incidents and threats linked to gangsters like Lawrence Bishnoi. Notably, a recent shooting incident outside Salman Khan’s residence further underscored the gravity of these security challenges. Two individuals involved in the shooting were apprehended and are currently under investigation by the authorities.

Salman Khan’s family, deeply affected by the incident, has pledged full cooperation with the Mumbai Police in their ongoing investigation. The episode serves as a reminder of the persistent security risks faced by public figures like Salman Khan, prompting continued vigilance and enhanced security measures.