Mumbai: Bank Defrauded Of Rs 63 Lakh With Forged Documents

Ambarnath, 22nd April 2023: A shocking case of cheating IDBI Bank of Rs 63 lakh by submitting fake documents for taking a home loan has come to light in the Ambernath area. The Shivajinagar police have succeeded in busting a gang of seven people without any evidence. Gold ornaments worth Rs 43 lakh have been seized from them. Police said that a 26-year-old girl is the mastermind of this gang.

Disha Pote, who lives in Navi Mumbai, wanted to buy Jayant Bandopadhyay’s house in Kamothe. For that, her acquaintances Rasika Naik, Ramakant Naik, and Mandar Naik took documents from Bandopadhyay promising to get the loan.

Thereafter an application was made for a home loan in the name of Disha Pote in the IDBI Bank of Ambernath; On the other hand, a fake account was opened in ICICI Bank of Navi Mumbai in the name of Bandopadhyay, in whose account the loan amount was to be deposited.

IDBI Bank verified Disha Pote’s documents and sanctioned her home loan and the loan amount was directly credited to Bandopadhyay’s fake account. After this, when Pote was approached for a ‘No Objection’ Certificate from CIDCO, as she did not respond, the bank contacted Bandopadhyay. Even if it is true that Bandopadhyay wants to sell his house, he stated that he does not have any bank at ICICI Bank nor has he received any loan money.

Realizing that the successful investigation by the police was all a form of fraud, IDBI Bank filed a fraud complaint at Shivajinagar Police Station.

The said incident was happening on 23rd December 2022. The loan was approved on 5th January 2023. Inspector Ashok Bhagat said that a complaint was filed by the bank on 4th March 2023, and seven people were arrested.