Mumbai: BMC Administration Asserts Transparency and Compliance in Projects and Tenders

Mumbai, May 11, 2023: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has responded comprehensively to address questions and concerns raised about its work and tender processes, emphasizing that all projects are executed in adherence to rules and regulations without any irregularities. The BMC administration, through various platforms and mediums, has proactively addressed these concerns and reiterates its commitment to transparency.

Certain deliberate questions have been raised regarding BMC’s mechanisms, despite the administration’s diligent adherence to prescribed procedures and regulations mandated by the government. After the completion of the Corporators’ terms on March 7, 2022, the Government of Maharashtra appointed the Municipal Commissioner as the administrator of the Municipal Corporation under Section 69 (C) of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act. The administrator has been effectively executing the jurisdiction and responsibilities entrusted by the Act.

Regarding the specific allegations, the BMC has provided detailed clarifications and information. The allegations concerning road concretization have been addressed through timely responses and transparent explanations. The process for inviting tenders for road construction followed BMC’s norms and regulations, ensuring a fair bidding process. Stringent provisions have been included in the new tender to focus on road quality, and monitoring mechanisms such as CCTV cameras and public accessibility to project details have been implemented.

The allegations related to street furniture procurement have been clarified, highlighting that the tender process was conducted online under the SAP system, ensuring uniformity and coordination among different departments. The process involved evaluations, negotiations, and adherence to rules, with proper planning, supervision, and quality work carried out by the BMC administration.

Additionally, the installation of sanitary pad vending and incinerator machines in public toilets aimed to promote menstrual health and hygiene. A survey determined the number of machines required, and a transparent e-tender process was followed, considering advanced features like real-time information and maintenance supervision.

The BMC administration maintains that all allegations of financial misconduct, mismanagement, irregularities, and contractor favoritism are baseless. It reaffirms its commitment to serving Mumbai with transparency and professionalism, addressing citizens’ concerns and carrying out its duties according to established rules and procedures.