Mumbai: BMC Assures Transparency and Progress in Pre-Monsoon Desilting Works Following MLA Ashish Shelar’s Inspection

Mumbai, 12th May 2023: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has addressed concerns raised by MLA Ashish Shelar during his inspection of the pre-monsoon desilting works in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai. The BMC administration expressed gratitude for the MLA’s inspection and provided detailed information to clarify the points raised.

The BMC stated that the desilting works of drains in the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation area are progressing well, with all relevant statistics, information, photographs, and videos available to the public on the BMC website. The tender process for these works was conducted transparently.

Regarding the points raised by MLA Ashish Shelar, the BMC administration provided the following information:

The desilting works are carried out throughout the year, with 75% of the total silt being removed before the monsoon season. This year, the target for pre-monsoon silt removal is set at 9,79,882 metric tons, of which 78.41% has already been achieved. The BMC is confident of reaching the set target before 31st May 2023. Additional machinery and manpower have been deployed to expedite the process, and the works are being carried out in two shifts.

The desilting in Mumbai follows a meticulous schedule, and drains are being cleaned step by step. While some drains have already been desilted, work is currently underway at certain locations, and desilting in the remaining drains will commence shortly. The presence of silt in a particular drain does not indicate that the work has not been carried out there. The BMC reassured the public that desilting works from all the drains will be completed before the scheduled deadline.

The BMC acknowledged that citizens frequently dispose of waste in drains, leading to the presence of floating debris. However, the presence of floating waste does not indicate a lack of silt removal. The floating waste is regularly cleaned, but the BMC urged citizens not to throw waste into the drains, as it poses unnecessary challenges to the drainage system. Cooperation from all citizens is requested to keep the drains clear.

During MLA Ashish Shelar’s inspection, concerned BMC officials were present and satisfactorily addressed the points raised. However, the administration has instructed officers from the Storm Water Drainage Department to revisit the locations highlighted by the MLA and review the ongoing work.

Detailed statistics, information, photographs, and videos of the desilting works can be accessed by the public on the BMC website, which currently showcases over 1,20,000 photos and more than 59 thousand videos related to desilting work. CCTV cameras also monitor the sites where the silt is being dumped and the progress of the desilting process. The BMC assured citizens that the tender process for desilting works was conducted transparently, and proper reports regarding the desilting works are being diligently maintained.

The BMC administration emphasized that there has been no contractor favoritism in the desilting works. The tender process was conducted transparently, and the actual work is being carried out with equal transparency. The administration reiterated its commitment to completing the pre-monsoon desilting works within the scheduled time frame, i.e., by 31st May 2023. Following the completion of the works, the administration, along with MLA Ashish Shelar, will inspect the drains once again to address any remaining concerns.


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