Mumbai: BMC Introduces ‘Sachet’ App for Real-Time Emergency Alerts during Monsoon

Mumbai, 21st May 2023: In a bid to enhance public safety during the upcoming monsoon season, the Mumbai municipality has announced the implementation of a cutting-edge system that will provide timely warnings to the city’s residents in case of emergencies.


Whether it’s heavy rainfall, waterlogging, or accidents, an alert message will be disseminated to all concerned individuals through the Sachet mobile application developed by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) of the central government.


With millions of commuters flocking to Mumbai on a daily basis for work, unpredictable weather conditions often lead to unexpected challenges and inconveniences. It can be particularly difficult to make travel decisions when rainfall is localized or when certain areas experience excessive water accumulation. To address this issue, the municipality has resolved to utilize the ‘Sachet’ app, which will serve as a powerful tool for sending danger warnings directly to citizens.


The alert system functions by providing weather updates and critical information specific to each designated area. Thus, if heavy rain is reported in a particular vicinity, all residents and individuals within a three to four-kilometer radius will receive a message on their mobile devices. Notably, these alerts will be sent to both residents living in the area and individuals who commute to that specific region for work purposes.


By leveraging the ‘Sachet’ app, the Mumbai municipality aims to ensure that the general public remains well-informed and prepared during the monsoon season. This proactive approach to disseminating real-time emergency alerts underscores the municipality’s commitment to safeguarding the welfare of its residents and minimizing the impact of adverse weather conditions.


As the monsoon approaches, the municipality encourages all citizens to download the ‘Sachet’ app and stay connected to receive vital updates and warnings. Through this collaborative effort between the municipal authorities and the NDMA, Mumbai is poised to enhance its emergency response capabilities and foster a safer environment for its inhabitants.