Now Travel From Mumbai To Navi Mumbai In 20 Minutes

Sewri – Nhavasheva Sea Bridge

Mumbai, 21st May 2023: The Mumbai Trans Harbour Project, a remarkable feat of engineering, has reached a momentous milestone as the construction of its 21.81 km sea bridge, known as the Sewri – Nhavasheva Sea Bridge, has been accomplished.


This monumental undertaking aims to drastically reduce the travel time between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, allowing commuters to traverse the distance in a mere 20 to 22 minutes. With the completion of the sea bridge, vehicles, cargo carriers, and construction materials can now be effortlessly transported across this architectural marvel.


To commemorate this monumental achievement, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has arranged a grand ceremony, scheduled for Wednesday, graced by the presence of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. As part of the celebration, the Chief Minister himself will embark on a momentous vehicle journey across the sea bridge, symbolizing the seamless connection it has forged between Mumbai and the mainland.


A significant milestone was reached by the MMRDA on May 9 when they successfully installed the 70th orthotropic steel deck, the final piece of the project. Now, with the completion of the sea bridge’s construction, an integral link has been established between Mumbai and the Shivdi – Chirle region on the mainland. The sea bridge spans an impressive distance of 16.5 km across the sea, while an additional 5.5 km stretches over the land.


Previously, MMRDA had employed a temporary bridge, along with boats and vessels, to transport construction materials during the building process. However, with the sea bridge now operational, vehicles can traverse this awe-inspiring structure, simplifying the remaining construction and technical tasks, including toll-related matters.


S.V.R. Srinivas, the Metropolitan Commissioner, affirmed the successful completion of this phase, emphasizing the significance of this achievement. He further revealed that a momentous event will be organized to commemorate this incredible accomplishment. The completion of the sea bridge heralds a new era of connectivity and convenience for the people of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, facilitating swift and efficient transportation across the expansive region.