Mumbai: Trio Arrested For Forging Documents For Passport

Mumbai, 27th November 2022: The Malwani Police arrested three people for cheating by submitting a fake birth certificate of one of their mothers for a passport. The three accused have been identified as Shah Rukh Azad Shaikh, Shabaz Hasin Ahmed Khan and Suraj Shivkumar Savjaykar. All three accused are currently in police custody.

Shah Rukh lives in Malad’s Malwani area and applied for a passport in October. He attached his school leaving certificate, voter ID card, PAN card, electricity bill, birth certificate of his mother, and secondary copy of bank account details to this application. The application was verified by the staff of the Passport Department in Malwani. Investigation revealed that he had submitted a forged copy of his mother’s birth certificate. So he was called to the police station to verify the documents.

When he was interrogated there, he confessed that his mother’s birth certificate was forged. He said that the document was prepared by Shabaz Khan. Police Constable Hansraj Khanderai registered a case against Shahrukh along with other accused for trying to defraud the government by submitting fake documents after it came to light that he had submitted a fake birth certificate of his mother for his passport. As soon as the case was registered, the police arrested Shah Rukh Khan, Shabaaz and Suraj Savjaykar.