Mumbai Crime Branch Busts Major Gutka Smuggling Racket in Palghar

Palghar, 12th January 2024: In a significant crackdown on the illicit gutka trade, Mumbai’s city crime branch dismantled a major gutka smuggling racket during an early morning operation on Friday. The clandestine warehouse in Palghar served as a crucial transit point for stockpiling and storing banned gutka, intended for distribution in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, and the city’s outskirts.

Unit 9 of the crime branch, led by Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Lachmi Gautam, executed the raid based on specific information provided by Police Inspector Daya Nayak. Under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner of Police Raj Tilak Roushan, the operation targeted one of the largest godowns in Palghar.

The successful raid resulted in the seizure of gutka from various banned brands, with an estimated value of Rs 5 crores. The gutka was intended for distribution in contravention of the ban imposed on such products.

Following the raid, four trucks and numerous individuals associated with the smuggling syndicate, including truck drivers and loaders, were apprehended. The police are currently conducting necessary documentation (panchnama) and are in the process of bringing the detained individuals to Mumbai for further legal proceedings.

The arrests and seizure mark a significant achievement for the Mumbai Crime Branch, as the detained individuals were identified as major suppliers of gutka in the city. The operation showcases the authorities’ commitment to cracking down on illegal activities, particularly those involving banned substances.

Conducting raids on warehouses engaged in illegal activities poses significant challenges, given the history of attacks on Food and Drug Administrative officials and law enforcement personnel. However, armed with specific intelligence and after monitoring the godown for two days, the police successfully executed the raid, emphasizing their dedication to maintaining public safety.