Mumbai: Customer Assaulted for Aadhaar Card Request While Depositing Rs 2000 Notes


Nalasopara, 1st June 2023: In a disturbing incident at a bank in Vasai, an employee allegedly assaulted a customer and broke his glasses after demanding an Aadhaar card while the customer was attempting to deposit discontinued 2000 rupee notes.


The incident has been reported to the Manikpur police station in Vasai, and charges have been filed against the bank employee.


The victim, identified as Nikhil Jain, owns a shop called Jain & Jain in the Manikpur area of Vasai. On Monday (29th), around noon, he visited a well-known bank in Manikpur to deposit cash from his shop, which included a number of 2000 rupee notes. The bank initially accepted the amount but later contacted Jain around 5 pm, demanding his Aadhaar card.


In response, Jain requested the bank manager to provide him with the Reserve Bank of India’s rules regarding the matter. An argument ensued between Jain and the bank employee. According to Jain’s complaint to the police, the assistant manager of the bank, Karthik Iyer, allegedly broke his glasses while warning him not to bring cash.


Jain managed to capture the incident on video, which he has handed over to the police as evidence. The Manikpur police are currently investigating the case, while the bank employees have declined to comment on the incident.


Sampatrao Patil, Senior Police Inspector at the Manikpur police station, confirmed the registration of a complaint and stated that police personnel have been deployed to the bank to ensure that no disputes arise while depositing the discontinued 2000 rupee notes.