Mumbai: Dam Safety Organization Recommends Repair Of Modak Sagar Dam

Mumbai, 24th December 2022: The Dam Safety Organization in Nashik has submitted a report to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation regarding the repair of the Modak Sagar Dam, which supplies water to the people of Mumbai. As per the recommendations made in the report, various works like the dam wall, painting of steel walls, stone wall and road leading to the dam will be done. Rs 3.17 crore is expected to be spent on these works.

3,950 million litres of water is supplied to Mumbai every day from seven dams – Urdhwa Vaitrana, Modak Sagar, Tansa, Madhya Vaitrana, Bhatsa, Vihar, Tulsi. Among the dams that supply water to Mumbaikars, Modak Sagar is a major one. 1,550 million litres of water is supplied from this dam every day. The water released from the upper and middle Vaitrana dams is stored in the Modak Sagar dam. This dam needs periodic maintenance. Also, the dam safety organization at Nashik inspects the dam before and after the monsoon and submits a detailed report regarding the necessary repairs and maintenance to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. The report recommended the repair of the dam. Due to the damaged road, the employees cannot go to the necessary places for daily maintenance and repairs. Therefore, this road will be repaired. The Municipal Corporation is going to spend Rs 3.71 crore for this work

The dam wall and inlet well were painted about 10 years ago. So moss, fungus, bushes, and grass have grown on the outer wall of the dam. The surface of the dam has been extensively damaged. Also, the paint has fallen off in many places, and the walls and wells are damaged. Due to the damp environment of the dam, the steel surfaces are corroded. So they also have to be painted. The stone pitching adjacent to the dam and downstream of the dam has been washed away and the stone wall below needs to be repaired.

The length of this dam is 570 meters, and the height is 82 meters. The dam has automatic flood control gates measuring 12.19 m and 7.92 m in length – width. It discharges two lakh cubic meters of water per second.