Mumbai: Domestic Help Arrested For Running Away With Money

Mumbai, 9th January 2023: The police managed to arrest a domestic help named Pankaj Singh, who had stolen around Rs 35 lakh and fled in 12 hours. A special team of the Kandivali police laid a trap on the Nashik highway near Kalyan and arrested the accused with great fanfare. Police recovered cash of Rs 27 lakh from him. The police said he is currently in police custody in the same case of theft.

There is confusion regarding the amount of stolen cash, and according to the owner’s statement, it has been mentioned that Rs 35 lakh was stolen. Rs 27 lakh have been found with him. The domestic help claimed there is Rs 27 lakh in the bag. Therefore, the employee, along with the owner, will be questioned by the police.

The complainant is a developer and lives in the Mahaveer Nagar area of Kandivali along with his family. He had purchased a plot of land. He had sent Pankaj Singh and the driver to the concerned person to pay him. This time they have given Rs 35 lakh in a bag. After paying this amount, he was asked to bring some documents. Both of them had gone there on Friday evening. While registering in society, Pankaj took the bag containing cash and ran away on a bike. As soon as this was noticed by the driver, he informed the complainant.

He then rushed to the Kandivali police station and filed a theft complaint against Pankaj. The police took serious note of this complaint and registered a case of theft against Pankaj. As soon as the case was registered, the police started searching for Pankaj who fled. Based on CCTV footage and technical information, the team detained Pankaj for questioning just as he was about to flee from Kalyan on the Nashik highway at twelve o’clock. At this time, the complainant was present along with the police. After police seized a bag containing cash from Pankaj, police found Rs. 27 lakhs in it. When he was asked about the remaining money, he said he did not hide money anywhere or withdraw money. But the complainant has claimed to have Rs 35 lakh in the bag. Therefore, both of them will now be questioned by the police. The police said that the investigation is on to find out exactly how much money was in the bag.