Mumbai: Establishment of Divisional Level Action Force for Dust-Free Mumbai; Strict Action will be Taken Against Those who Violate Rules

Mumbai, 26th April 2023: A month after the Mumbai Municipal Corporation prepared an action plan to reduce increasing air pollution and dust in Mumbai, task forces have been appointed at the departmental office level to monitor the factors causing pollution. Three task forces will be functioning in each department, one each for three subjects.

Air pollution in Mumbai has increased significantly since December, and a seven-member committee was appointed on 12th March to take measures against it. The committee submitted its report to Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal at the end of March, recommending immediate and far-reaching measures to deal with pollution.

To reduce the amount of dust, the relevant departments should keep an eye on the elements and areas that generate dust through the teams, as mentioned in the report. The commissioner directed the implementation of this report from 1st April. However, such teams were not formed at the division level, leading to accusations from all levels that the Municipal Corporation was not serious about preventing pollution. After that, the Municipal Corporation started appointing action forces in some departments.

A team will work to control airborne dust at construction sites. A three-member team will conduct physical visits to ongoing road and bridge construction work sites in Mumbai to verify whether dust control precautions are being taken regularly at the project sites. Along with that, the works going on through Mumbai Municipal Corporation and various systems will also be included in this.

The action team will monitor dust control measures and water sprinkling, special road cleaning campaigns, etc., during the daily sweeping and cleaning of roads in Mumbai. The action team will also search for open burning of garbage and other waste items/food places, etc.

The type of fuel used in hotels, restaurants, dhabas, bakeries, restaurants, street stalls, etc., in Mumbai will also be inspected.

The members of the action force will have to make observations and prepare a report through direct visits at the departmental level. This report has to be submitted to the Divisional Assistant Commissioner every week. A notice of insight will be issued first at the project site where dust control and environment-related matters are not being implemented.

If the rules are not implemented even after the first notice, penal action will be taken against the concerned projects. The action force will have to take action through the concerned departments against the contractor or the responsible organization at the place where the measures are being violated.


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