Mumbai: Fare Reduction For First Class Locals Leads To Increased Passengers

Mumbai, 21st December 2022: The Railway Board had declared a reduction on the ticket prices of both First Class AC and non-AC local trains and these new prices were implemented from the 5th of May.

This move led to an increase in passengers in both AC and non-AC First Class coaches, causing many passengers to travel standing. Today, about 4 lakh 61 thousand and 121 passengers travel daily in the first class compartments, which is an increase of 3 lakh 37 thousand and 363 from April 2022, said a senior railway official.

The railway board had decided to slash the fare prices of air-conditioned trains, due to a lack of passengers. At the same time, the board decided on a 40 to 50 percent reduction on the fare prices of First Class compartments. This move led to a small increase in passengers for western and central AC local trains. There has also been a large increase in the number of people travelling by First Class tickets. Because of this, many passengers are unable to find a seat despite purchasing a first-class ticket.

Many passengers get into first-class compartments despite not purchasing the appropriate tickets, leaving little space for ticket-holding passengers. Railway ticket checkers have taken action against 78 thousand 994 ticketless passengers until November of this year, which is a massive increase from last year’s 16 thousand 681. This shows that there has even been an increase in fare evaders for First Class local compartments.