Mumbai: First Organ Donation In Public Hospital After COVID19 At J J Hospital

Mumbai, 19th May 2022: Advocate Reena Bansode, Age 43 was admitted to J.J.Hospital from Dt. 15.05.2022 under Dr Vernon Velho, HOD Neurosurgery department. She was declared brain dead on 18.05.2022 at 10:38 pm by a team of doctors.

Social Service Superintendents of J.J.Hospital counselled the patient’s relatives regarding Organ donation. After a positive response from the patient’s relatives Dr Pallavi Saple, Dean, Dr Sanjay Surase, Medical Superintendent & Medical Officers team immediately started the organ donation procedure.

Donated organs were Kidney, Cornea, Heart & Small Intestine. As per the rules & guidelines of ZTCC these organs were given to needy patients of JJ Hospital, Global Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital & Nanavati Hospital.

First time in Mumbai, small intestine organ donation happened successfully. The needy patient who received the small intestine is doing well after the surgery. Also, this organ donation drive is the first in any public hospital in Mumbai after COVID 19.

Adv. Reena Bansode & her relatives have set the best example by organ donation. She had saved lives even after her death. Such thought should be encouraged in today’s scientific era.

This organ donation happened through the combined efforts of Dr Vernon Velho, HOD, Neurosurgery Dept, Dr Ajay Bhandarwar, HOD, Surgery Dept, Dr Usha Badole, HOD, Anaesthesia Dept, Dr Amita Joshi, HOD, Microbiology Dept., Dr Priya Patil, HOD, Medicine Dept., Yojna Beldar, Matron. Sunil Patil and Anil Sonawane, Social Worker Superintendent, J J Hospital were very active in the encouragement & guidance of patients’ relatives. This organ donation drive was coordinated by a team of Medical Officers, Dr Arun Rathod, Dr Rewat Kaninde, Dr Vaishali Bhalchim, Dr Dilip Gawari, Dr Sumit Prajapati, Dr Saurabh Payare, Dr Nitin Kolambkar, Dr Chitra Selvaraj & Dr Poonam Jaiswal.

As per tradition after organ donation, Doctors & staff from J J hospital at 2 am, gave salutations to the respected patient’s body in front of J J statue for her service to humanity. Amit Vilasrao Deshmukh, Minister, Medical Education & Research has strongly supported this organ donation drive & by his due encouragement J. J. Hospital is running smoothly after the COVID pandemic.

Dr Pallavi Saple, Dean extended her utmost gratitude to the patient & her relatives for this organ donation.