Mumbai Lalbaug Crime: Accused Tells Court She Did Not Murder Her Mother

Mumbai, 21st March 2023: The woman who killed her mother in Mumbai’s Lalbaug, Rimple Jain, was produced in court on Monday. When the court asked her why she killed her mother and cut her body into pieces, the accused stated she did not kill her mother. The court has remanded Rimple Jain in police custody till 24th March.

The police and the neighbours living next to Jain’s house were shocked to see how Veena Jain’s murder unfolded in Mumbai’s Lalbaug as the accused continued to live in the house with the body parts for three months. She had brought 200 perfume bottles, 40 air fresheners, and fennel bottles to not smell the body parts. When her brother visited, he smelled something foul in the house. When he asked Rimple Jain where Veena Jain was, she said that Veena Jain had gone to Kanpur. But he got suspicious because of the bad smell in the house and reported the matter to the police. When the police searched Rimple Jain’s house, they found pieces of Veena Jain’s body at various places. The daughter was then arrested. However, she told the court she had not killed her mother.

“On 27th December 2022, my mother fell from the first floor. Two hotel boys picked her up. My mother died on the same day. At that time, I thought that if I said that my mother died after falling, all the blame would fall on me, and the house and the money in the bank belonging to my mother’s uncle will not be returned. It was because of this fear that I cut my mother’s body into pieces and hid it in various places in the house,” Rimple Jain said.

When police searched the accused’s house, they found electronic marble cutters, chisels, and knives. The accused girl cut the mother’s body into pieces with a sharp weapon and kept it in a plastic bag. These bags were kept in cupboards, drums, and fridges.