Mumbai: Massive fire to building in Ghatkopar, Fire suspected due to short circuit

Ghatkopar, 17th December 2022: While the incident of fire in the Avighna Park building at Curry Road is fresh, now a severe fire has broken out in the meter room of a building adjacent to Parekh Hospital in Ghatkopar.

The fire broke out in the six-storey ‘Viswas’ building in Khokhni Lane, Ghatkopar East, around 2 pm. No casualties have been reported in this fire yet, 22 people have been evacuated safely.

After this incident, the issue of fire safety in the restaurant has come to the fore again. Mumbai Fire Brigade has recently searched the restaurants and issued notices to 92 restaurants. It is mandatory to have a fire protection system in restaurants and hotels. While it is mandatory to put such a board outside the restaurant, many hotels do not follow this rule.