Mumbai: Municipal Office Set To Increase Enrollments In Public Schools

Mumbai, 30th March 2023: At the Mumbai Public Schools of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the graph of the increase in the number of students is rising. This year, the campaign ‘Mission Admission, Echka Lakshya-Ek Laksha’ is being implemented. The registration campaign will be conducted from 5th April 2023 to 30th April. Municipal Commissioner Dr Iqbal Singh Chahal, Additional Municipal Commissioner (Eastern Suburbs) Ashwini Bhide, and Joint Commissioner have promoted the campaign. In this enrollment campaign, which is being conducted under the guidance of Ajit Kumhar, the goal of giving one lakh more admissions compared to the previous year’s enrollment has been set. Apart from giving school admission regularly and popularly, this year’s admission process will also be implemented through a QR code and online link. Along with this, a helpline number has also been activated so that if any problem arises in this regard, it can be resolved immediately, informed the Education Officer, Rajesh Kankal.

Various activities are implemented to provide free and quality education to students in pre-primary (kindergarten), primary and secondary schools running under the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation Education Department. Quality education is imparted through schools in eight language mediums – Marathi, Hindi, English, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Gujarati.

The schools under the jurisdiction of the Education Department of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation have been renamed as ‘Mumbai Public Schools’. Due to the united spirit of work done by the teachers, principals and officials, the number of students in Mumbai Public Schools is continuously increasing. The campaign ‘Mission Admission, Echka Lakshya-Ek Lakshya’ is being implemented from 20th March 2023 to raise the graph of enrollment growth. Efforts are underway to give one lakh additional admissions this year. It is planned to increase the number of students who have been promoted to class I, V and IX.

In Mumbai Public Schools of all mediums, it is mandatory to transfer the School Leaving Certificates of students studying in the last standard in primary schools to Municipal Secondary Schools after the result of the examination. Principals of primary and secondary schools are directed to coordinate this.

The responsibility of admitting all the children in the Municipal Corporation-run Kindergartens and Anganwadis to the ‘Mumbai Public Schools’ has been entrusted to the Primary School Principal, Department Inspector and Administrative Officer (School).

It will be the responsibility of the school to ensure that the children admitted to ‘Mumbai Public Schools’ remain in their school till the last grade of the school. As many admissions go out from each school, it will be the responsibility of the school heads to get new admissions. Each teacher has been set a target of at least ten new admissions at the school level. Also, at the school level, school management committee and parent meetings will be held for new admissions. Teachers will make home visits to encourage parents to school admissions, online admissions, public awareness through street plays, and video campaigns will be implemented this year.

Every school will have to fill in the information of daily new admissions at the school level online.

There are three ways of admission to Mumbai Public School. This includes the child’s name, parent’s mobile number, place of admission, class of admission, and medium of admission. Based on the information obtained through this, the access information of the concerned child will be protected. By scanning the ‘QR Code’ provided by the Municipal Corporation, parents can enter the school by filling in the basic information. Also, by clicking on this link, the admission of children to Mumbai Public Schools can be determined. Finally, a helpline number 7777-025-5575 has also been given for school admission. The facility of getting school admission information through WhatsApp messages has been made available on office working days from 11 am to 5 am.

As per the above, the teachers who have remarkable registration will be honoured. The inspectors of the media, which will get the most registration, will also be honoured, the Education Department of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation stated.