Mumbai Police Arrests Man Who Threatened To Blow Up Bandra Church

Mumbai, 2nd January 2023: Mumbai Police has arrested a man who threatened to blow up Mount Mary Church (Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount Bandra) in the Bandra area. The police stated that they arrested the accused from Kolkata.

Police traced the location of the accused by tracking the IP address and arrested him. Mumbai Police said that the motive of the accused in sending the mail threatening to blow up the Mount Mary Church is yet to be ascertained. At present, the accused is being interrogated.

The control room received an email threatening an attack by the terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba on 30th December at Mount Mary Church in Bandra. This was immediately informed to the police officers.

Police registered a case under section 505(3) of IPC against unknown persons.

According to the police, the accused had sent two threatening emails in a single day. Reportedly, the first email was sent by a child. Police officials said the child’s mother apologized, saying her child was mentally ill.

Mumbai Police received two separate bomb blast alerts on the same day. According to information, a person called the Mumbai police control room and warned of a blast in the city on 31st December. The caller identified himself as Azhar Hussain from Uttar Pradesh. He also told the police that he had weapons and RDX. The Mumbai Police investigated the caller and found that Azhar was none other than Narendra Kawle, who threatened to blow up Mumbai. The police have arrested him. The accused had made such a call to the police in an inebriated condition. Police have registered a case against the accused under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Police say that further action is being taken in both cases.