Mumbai: Police Asks RTO To Suspend Licences Of Drivers Who Caused Deaths In Accidents

Mumbai, 22nd March 2023: The regional transport office has been requested by the Mumbai traffic police to suspend the driver’s licences of the two drivers who were behind the wheels of the fast cars that killed a three-year-old girl and the Head of a software company in Mumbai this month.

The CEO, Rajalakshmi Vijay Ramakrishnan, was killed on Sunday morning after being struck by a car while running close to Worli Dairy.

According to Joint Police Commissioner (Traffic) Pravin Padwal, it is customary to send licences for suspension when cars are involved in many instances of speeding, etc. Three months is the bare minimum for licence suspension.

In the first drunk driving incident, Sheetal Attavar’s wife’s vehicle, which was registered in her name, was speeding and driving dangerously from March 2018 to March 2023. The second incident involved a vehicle that was registered in Bijal Dharmesh Merchant’s name and had three fines for reckless driving.